Training offer

Our Grundtvig training offer

The central objective of the course is to sustainably improve the competences of adult education staff in the area of violence against women in different institutional environments on a European level with the main purpose of supporting women survivors of violence.

The course is developed with a modular blended learning approach consisting of a preliminary phase, and a face-to-face training week with follow-up. Blended learning is the combination of multiple approaches to learning that make use of 'blended' virtual and physical resources.

The first step of the course delivers some general information which allows participants to recognise cases of domestic violence. The second step involves the development of specific communications and individual skills and competences, thus stimulating the participants to learn how to (re)act when confronted with cases of domestic violence.

Helping teachers, trainers and other professionals to deal more proficiently with women survivors of domestic violence will allow supporting a larger number of women survivors of violence all over Europe.

Our course offers are included in the Grundtvig 3 database, therefore those who wish to participate can obtain a training grant to cover both the course fees and accommodation and subsistence costs. In order to do so, you should contact your Socrates National Agency in your country. We have prepared some material for you in order to make the handling of formalities easier. Check under "Formalities" on the left.

For further information on the course, please download our flyer here.