Pilot Course in Timisoara, Romania

The pilot course took place in Timisoara, Romania in May 8th - 11th, 2008. The group consisted of nine women who all had a very high level of awareness for the issue of domestic violence.
The pilot course in Timisoara had the purpose to assess the grade of achievement of the aims and the objectives formulated in the project. Therefore, a course evaluation strategy consisting of four strands was defined: the training was accompanied by two obervers with the purpose to effectuate an inspection evaluation aiming at giving a direct feedback after the end of each training day and to discuss the reflections with the trainer team. Moreover, daily assessments of the level of satisfaction as well as a final feedback round were realised and a final questionnaire was distributed.

From the gathered data derives that the training in Timisoara was successful in regard to its aims and helpful for the participants. They stated they obtained a good knowledge of the topic itself and a common frame of understanding, so that they felt better prepared to react when confronted with cases of domestic violence. The vast majority of participants considered that, in terms of achieving training outcomes, expectations had been met or partially met.