Course edition 1 in St. Anna in Camprena, Tuscany

The first G3 course took place in St. Anna in Camprena, Tuscany, Italy in June 16th - 20th, 2008. We had the pleasure to stay in a former Olivetan Benedictine monastery from the 15th century with its mystic atmosphere and breathtaking surroundings. We slept in the monk cells and worked in one of the halls of the monastery. Whenever possible we shifted work groups and exercises to the beautiful garden.

Great importance was attached to using a broad variety of didactical methodologies: Case studies illustrated different aspects of the cycle of violence and helped to recognise specific signs of violence. Role plays and practical exercises were conceived to combine communciation training with domestic violence related issues. Networking exercises demonstrated the importance of cooperation and collaboration.


"Enjoyed the sharing of experiences and procedures of the various participants - very interesting. Again the diversity comes across so strong... "

"Training was great & super organised! Thanks a lot! Looking forward for follow-up."

"There was a very good selection of role plays and group work. Get into the shoes of the women was very helpful, also the communication strategies."