The central project outcome is a modular blended learning course aiming at sustainably improving competences of adult education staff in the area of violence against women in different institutional environment with the main purpose of supporting women survivors of violence.
A training package consisting of the descriptions of each module with its respective activities and materials is available for further transfer to other organisations and countries.

The content areas covered by the training package:

  • Introduction to the topic of domestic violence
  • Stereotypes
  • Types and signs of violence
  • Cycle of violence and causes for the violence
  • Perpetrator strategies
  • Impact on women and children
  • Women’s needs and life projects
  • Assertiveness and self-esteem
  • Communication
  • Networks, services and resources
  • Intervention models
  • Basic lines of national legislation

The course itself was successfully realised in June and September 2008 on the basis of a fully-fledged course tested with a mostly local audience in May 2008. Further course editions are published in the Grundtvig/Comenius database meeting high interest above all among trainers in the police and social workers. More information is also available in the section “Course”.

An exemplary module can be downloaded here: Perpetrator strategies

If you are interested in more information on the training package, please contact us!